Monday, September 9, 2013

[vegan mofo day 9] spicy kale soup, steamed bun and cucumber salad

Due to husband's tooth emergency, I had to whip up something soft and small. I figured soup with chopped up vegetables would do so made this spicy soup with kale, cabbage and edamame. Kale and cabbage become flavorful after simmering for a while, which makes a great soup.

This steamed bun was something I found at an Asian grocery store. It says a vegetarian bun but looks like vegan too, including vegetables and soy meat. 
Pork buns ("Nikuman") was something I used to enjoy in a chilly winter day ages ago, picking one up at a convenience store on the way home from school or after a girls' night out, not because of what was inside (I actually didn't like the pork inside very much) but because of its softness, squishy texture, and warmth. So I'm happy to find a vegan version of this. I found that the taste of this bun was a bit bland, though, so made a soy sauce and sriracha dipping sauce.

There's one with adzuki bean paste too, which I really like. Makes a great snack or a dessert.

Other things on the plate was pickled cucumber salad and grits. Baby had daikon soup that was stored in the freezer over rice, mashed edamame and steamed carrots.


  1. Hope the husband is feeling better. Soft food can be comfort food. Dipping sauces make everything better :)

    1. thank you GiGi. His tooth is back to normal now :) He'd been having problems with that particular tooth like forever so I'm glad it's fixed.