Thursday, September 26, 2013

[vegan mofo day 25 & 26] we all ate vegan!

ugh. I couldn't post my 25th mofo post on time, so here's my entry running over two days.

day 25
Apparently, omnivores around me enjoy vegan ground beef style crumbles very much. They do notice "differences" when it comes to vegan chick'n, beef strips and other veggie meats but the ground crumbles, they never complain.

So my mother made this tomato sauce based spaghetti with vegan ground beef with lots of vegetables. I'm the only vegan (let alone vegetarian) in my family but we all ate the same vegan spaghetti and enjoyed it a lot. woohoo!

I never expected such a night to come. It may be just one dinner but it seems that just staying vegan does have a positive impact on people around me :)

day 26

I tried this soy meat (100% soy. nothing else. non-GMO) from Japan. It comes in a dried form and when it's soaked in hot water for 5 minutes, it becomes softer and expands a little bit.

The package says you can eat it as it is, but it tastes too much like "soy" to me so I've decided to cook it.
Fried with salt, soy sauce and nutritional yeast, it became pretty tasty :) The texture was just like other vegan chik'n we find on the market in the US, so it made a pretty satisfying meal. But with no additives and isolated protein and other stuff, I might like this one better. I imagine this will make a great vegan schnitzel!

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