Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[vegan mofo day 4] baby's first pasta night

Now that Baby can eat several kinds of vegetables & fruits and protein sources (like tofu, beans, edamame) I try to put the same (or similar) food items as we eat on baby's plate. I'm not really a fan of "kid's meal", and this is my attempt to get him used to the taste of the foods we eat (fingers crossed!). I also want him to get used to the Japanese(-esque) food I make and I grew up with, despite the fact that Japan is thousands of miles away.

I usually decide what we will eat for dinner first, then pick a couple of the ingredients from what eat and prepare them differently. This time, however, I wanted to introduce pasta into his diet, so we went along and had a pasta dish also. His pasta is with tomato and eggplant. Ours is arrabiatta with artichoke and broccoli. He seemed to have enjoyed it a lot :)


  1. When my daughter was about 13 months, every time I fed her pasta she would fall asleep almost instantly. It was awesome :D

    1. haha, that's actually what I'm hoping for :) My son is such a terrible sleeper.