Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[vegan mofo day 10] kale and tomato pasta soup, black bean, corn & cucumber salad

Soup: kale and pasta in tomato sauce based broth. I made this tomato sauce from scratch. Husband had a chance to get a bunch of tomatoes from his co-worker's veggie garden. They were too mature to eat raw, so I turned them into tomato sauce by just simmering them with a bit of olive oil. Fresh tomato sauce tastes delicious. Since the sauce itself didn't have salt or herbs, Baby had the same sauce over his pasta, with pureed kale.

Salad: black bean, corn and diced cucumber, dressed with cumin, paprika, chilli powder, apple cider vinegar, canola oil and salt & pepper. I'd have added a splash of lime and chopped cilantro if I had them but it was still good. Instead of the salad, baby had black bean spread.

We also had the homemade bread. Baby looked still hungry. So we shared my bread. He can't get enough of my bread. As a baking enthusiast, it makes me really happy. I'm thinking about what to bake for him next.

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