Sunday, September 8, 2013

[vegan mofo day 8] homemade no-knead bread and Mochi's Sunday

After a successful introduction of wheat into baby's diet in the form of pasta, the next logical step would be to introduce bread. I, however, am a bit reluctant to give store-bought bread at this stage because of all the ingredients and additives that I often don't even know how to pronounce. So I decided to bake one.

I may not be great at cooking but I think I can say that I'm a pretty decent baker. Or at least that's what my husband told me ;-) But something weird happened during pregnancy (as in many aspects of life in those 9 months), and I couldn't stand the smell of baked goods. After the delivery, I was too exhausted to tackle baking projects, barely having energy even to cook everyday meals. So I'd been away from the oven for quite some time. Well, I guess it's time to get back to baking then!

The above is a no-knead bread my MIL taught me how to bake, who in turn was taught by her friend. So I cannot post its recipe, but it's really easy to make and delicious. I used to bake this every week. I usually sprinkle sesame seeds, poppy seeds or oatmeal on top of the bread but unfortunately I didn't have any of those at hand this time.

With simple ingredients like flour, water, salt, yeast, and flax seeds, homemade bread is more natural, tasty and inexpensive (unless you can find a 99c loaf of bread that tastes ok like I sometimes find at a local grocery store. I don't think I can beat that price by making at home). And you know for sure that it's vegan. No nasty egg or milk or gelatin (or high fructus corn syrup if you're avoiding those).

There's also something about the process of baking. I find it relaxing and rewarding.

And the baby loved it! What's more rewarding than your own child devouring the bread you baked for him?

Well, maybe looking at this cute face can be pretty rewarding too :)
Happy Sunday! 


  1. I come here everyday but I never leave a comment, even though I really enjoy your cooking and baby's first steps into 'real' food.

    I really enjoy your MoFo theme and I love how relaxed Mochi looks. Must be one happy cat.

    1. Thank you Cara! I'm glad you enjoy my posts. It's actually fun to think about matching meals for Baby :)

      I love your theme too! And I'm not even a fan of zombies lol I'm slow at reading your posts but will catch up soon. How's your kitty?

  2. Tummy rubs for Mochi and a beautiful aroma of bread and tasty treat for baby.