Friday, September 27, 2013

[vegan mofo day 27] the farmhouse

Since my parents kindly agreed to watch Baby, my husband and I went out to have a lovely dinner. I know we're on a budget but we've been doing pretty well so far and I think we deserve some treats ;-)

Husband chose the farmhouse because they were one of the few who offered a vegan option, and it did not disappoint. The staff was friendly and explained to me that their stuffed eggplant was vegan. Ah. The joy of offering something off the menu without changing anything! It's probably not a big deal for big city people in this day and age but the places where I've been in the past few years, this is very rare.

We shared their farmer salad with the non-vegan items on the side so husband could eat them.

Their food tasted really fresh. I'd probably prefer a little bit stronger (saltier) flavor to my taste, but it might have been better this way so we could enjoy the real taste of fresh ingredients. I love eggplants and this eggplant meal was delicious, fun and filling. The atmosphere was great with the dim light (hence not a stellar photo. sorry). It's been a while since I dined in the midst of the city's bustle. I didn't miss it so much but it's nice to experience city's liveliness once in a while. All in all I really had a good time :)

The farmhouse
300 Delaware Street
Kansas City, MO

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