Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[vegan mofo day 3] quinoa salad

Here's the vegan food items I got from this week's grocery shopping trip. Kale was a dollar for two bunches and corn was 19c each. Great deal! The total of the items in this photo was probably around $35? Yes. I do some couponing. And I mainly go after sale items to save money.
And luckily my husband got these fresh vegetables from his co-worker's veggie garden. yay. So these and the stuff in the pantry are the ingredients I'll be dealing with this week.

Looking at lots of vegetables inspired me to make some quinoa salad, including lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and capers. I whipped up some dressing using olive oil, dried italian herbs, white vinegar, garlic powder*, salt and pepper. I usually just make up dressing from whatever I feel like adding for a particular occasion. I don't buy dressing anymore. It's not just for saving money. Homemade dressing tastes more fresh and better. I like an impromptu process.

And quinoa! Don't you just love it? I can't believe even the sight of it made me sick when I was pregnant. I really wanted to eat quinoa because it's packed with protein but I couldn't. Not until a couple of months postpartum. But fortunately my taste buds returned to normal and I've been happily enjoying this nutritious gem.

Baby had two of the vegetables that were used in the salad: carrots and eggplant. the carrots were cut into smaller pieces at the table. And some mashed edamame. In retrospect, I should've put edamame in our salad too.

Did you acquire weird dislikes for any food that you used to love during pregnancy?

* no garlic powder for hubby's dressing. He hates garlic! :(

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