Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday #2

I've been spending my (extremely limited) time mostly by making slideshows for Jr's upcoming birthday, so I haven't made much progress on the craft front. But I have finished Jr's shopping cart seat cover. yay! This cover has been working great. I've used it at Target, K-mart, two local grocery stores so far and it works with the carts of all of these stores. It indeed is a universal cover and I love it :)

I've also made two cards, which I'm going to write about soon on this blog.

So my Meredith dress has been untouched for about two weeks now. But I've started on Baby Sachiko Kimono Sweater, making a fairly good progress on the back.
I love this kimono sweater. It's fun to make. It's cute. And I think it's easier to dress a baby in this too. I actually made one a few years ago for my nephew. My SIL told me that he wore the sweater as a sleepwear. When he was ready to go to bed he used to bring the sweater to his mom to indicate that he was ready to sleep. Isn't that cute? I hope this sweater will be loved by Jr too.

The yarn I'm using is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. The main body is in lime colorway and I'm making the garter portion in Almond. I'm trying to make this in 24 months size. My son is only an almost year old but he's in 95% for his height so I'd like to make a bigger size. I hope my calculation works!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

FO: Shopping Cart Seat Cover

I've finished it! yay. This cart seat cover is indeed cute and I received a few admiring looks from other mamas during our shopping trip. I made a few mistakes in it but feel a bit proud :)

The pattern is A Universal Shopping Cart Cover from lil blue boo (free! thanks Ashley). It was a little pain to add patches of fabric to make it wider before diving into actual sewing but the end product is definitely worth it. I'd wanted use 60" wide fabric to minimize the preparation time but I couldn't find cute patterns. It doesn't show in the photo but the back side is simple dark brown fabric. If anything, I wish there were a slit or something where the handle is so I can have a firmer grip on the handle. Also because the cover pushes the belt down, it becomes too short, especially for my son who's tall for his age (Perhaps this would be a problem for him with or without the cover anyway). I might need to carry a separate belt for him.

But I LOVE this cover!

It's a bit embarrassing to admit my mistakes but these were what I did wrong.

1) I don't know what I was thinking but somehow I ended up with 4 leg openings (ugh) so I had to patch those up with leftover fabric (which happened to be where he sits so luckily it won't show when in use).

2) I'm still not good at attaching bias tapes. I'm not a fan of them. I didn't cut long enough bias tapes and had to connect a couple of them for one opening :( The stitching is not neat. Guess I need more practicing.

But I still like it. Actually, I like it maybe because of these mistakes. These mistakes show that I put my efforts in making something for my little guy. This is why handmade items are unique.

With extra padding, Jr. can now sit in the cart a little more comfortably. Moreover, since he doesn't touch the cart itself, he's not going to collect germs from the cart!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday #1

To make this blog more fun and to track my ever growing Work-In-Progress projects, I've decided to have themed posts on Wednesday where I'll show you photos of my WIPs. We'll see how my projects progress each week (and how some may be abandoned ugh...). Mind you, the progresses will be very slow because Jr doesn't like to sleep very much. But I hope having to keep track of progresses each week will motivate me to finish the projects I've started!

Without further ado....

Meredith - a gift for my friend's daughter.
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby in Mint
I'm also about to make a swatch for Baby Sachiko Kimono Sweater. This is going to be Jr's sleepwear. I've made the Sachiko sweater a few years ago for my nephew. It was a fun project and my nephew liked it as his sleepwear so this is going to be great! I'm thinking of using lion brand cotton-ease.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mochi's Been Obsessed with Baths

For some reason, Mochi's been obsessed with baths lately. We often find her in a tub. She often comes to the bathroom, uninvited, when we're taking a shower or I'm giving Baby a bath lol

Is your cat fascinated with baths too?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Jr's First Trick-Or-Treating

I hope you all had a fun Halloween, if you celebrate! It was Jr's first Halloween and he was oh so cute in his costume. Husband and I, both being fans of making things, wanted to make his costume too but we were just so busy during the month of October that we couldn't manage it. Instead, we just picked up a Superman costume at a party store. But that's ok cause he was freaking cute :)

I realized that we didn't have a container to collect Halloween candy so I whipped up this little paper bag on the day of Halloween.
I used 12 x 12 pattern paper and stamped those bats and the "Happy Halloween" phrase (the stamps are from the Halloween and Thanksgiving stamp set from Stampabilities). I love this font! The bag wouldn't be big enough for a typical trick-or-treating but since he was only a baby I figured this would be big enough for this year.

Unfortunately, the total amount of candy was so heavy that the bag fell apart at the end :( Well, that may be good news, I guess.