Friday, September 13, 2013

[vegan mofo day 13] fried rice, seared tofu and a bit about steamed muffins

Fried rice: with green beans, carrots, corn and diced potatoes, cooked in canola oil, salt, pepper and soy sauce. Of course I drizzled a few drops of sriracha sauce over the fried rice :)

I wanted to make some salad with the seared tofu as a side dish but alas our family members were getting too hungry. I had to serve it as it was lol

Baby had a few pieces of the seared tofu, and steamed carrots, turnip and rice.

Not shown in the picture, but I also made some steamed muffins (or cupcakes) ("mushipan" in Japanese) as baby's snack between meals/our dessert. I didn't add any sugar in baby's mushipan, but the banana inside gave a natural sweetness, making it perfect for a baby snack. Ours was chocolate chips and banana mushipan. yum. They need some tweaking, but I hope to write up a recipe during the vegan mofo.