Thursday, September 12, 2013

[vegan mofo day 12] pasta salad

When it comes to food, my husband likes it hot or warm, with possible exceptions being salad (as a side dish) and sushi. He prefers hot noodle soup to cold noodles (like cold soba noodles), toasted bread to non-toasted one, and hot sake to chilled one, for example. So meals like (vegan) gazpacho or vichyssoise will be out of the question. And pasta salad is not appreciated very much.

I, on the other hand, do like chilled meals, especially in hot summer days. Last night's dinner was just for me and the baby, so I went ahead and made pasta salad, which I wouldn't make if I were cooking for two (and a half). Husband will probably be enjoying non-vegan food outside the home. I enjoy chilled dishes when I don't have to cook for him. It's our unwritten agreement, perhaps? :)

My pasta salad consisted of kale, lettuce, cucumbers and lentils, dressed with olive oil, nutritional yeast, some herbs, vinegar, grated garlic, salt and pepper. Simple but tasty. (ETA: I remember I added a little bit of vegenaise in the salad too)

Baby's pasta "salad" had pureed kale and green beans, dressed with a dash of olive oil. He also had lentil spread, which was his first lentils.


  1. My husband just looked over my shoulder and said mmmm, that looks good! Not sure if he was talking about the baby food or the mommy food. Both look great. Great combos.

    1. hahaha. well, actually the baby pasta wasn't too bad either. just needs a little salt. Thank you for all the comments, GiGi!