Friday, September 6, 2013

[vegan mofo day 6] Agedashi Tofu

Some of you may already know, I grew up in Japan. So our dinner table includes a fair amount of Japanese meals, or something akin to those (due to the limited access to Asian ingredients). Or they may be roughly called Asian style dishes.

Agedashi Tofu, which is fried tofu served in dashi-based broth, is one of my favorite Japanese foods. For this time, however, I made an, um, terrible broth, which kind of ruined the crispy fried tofu. ugh. Should've just dipped it in soy sauce. 

You can make the crispy tofu in agedashi tofu by, first, wrapping the tofu in paper towel and letting it sit for a few hours to get rid of the water in the tofu. Then dust the tofu with cornstarch, and fry them up. You can use either silken, firm or even extra firm tofu but firmer tofu may be easier to cook. I used silken for this, though.

The broth is another story. The main sauce usually used in the broth contains fish so either I have to find one without fish, or I have to be creative. My attempt at the latter was a .... well, unsuccessful one :(

Other foods on the plate: corn on the cob flavored with liquid smoke and soy sauce, and stir fried veggies on rice. Of course a few drops of sriracha sauce are a must.

Baby had diced tofu, kale rice and some steamed zucchini. Yes. My baby loves kale and tofu :)

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