Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cards #1

I've made these to hone my card making skills. I borrowed a bunch of card making or papercraft books from my local library and made some that interested me. There are so many ideas and inspirations! I'm so happy I've finally decided to dive into this craft.

Here are a few of them:

I know - some lines are not very straight. practice. practice.
Made to learn layering.
Learned to use vellum paper and to layer cards with a string rather than glue.

These were just practice pieces and not so much of my style. But for the next two, I was able to show more of my tastes.

Made to practice a little peeking window in the front of the card. When it opens,
This card is for my husband's relatives who kindly gave us some baby gifts.

The next one is my favorite of all the cards I've made so far.
For a friend of mine who's having a baby soon.
I thought using black in a welcome baby card was uncommon but would make a cute and chic card, and I wasn't wrong. I learned to use buttons, ribbons and layered pieces of paper in this card - so fun! I hope she likes it.

I found that when I have a recipient (or at least a real occasion) in mind, the cards turn out to be more of my style, even for practice pieces. And it's way more fun!

The designs of these cards were inspired by the book I love card making: 25 projects that will show you how to make cards easily and quickly by Amy Gooda. It was a great introductory book to card mking. Not overwhelming but covers a wide variety of skills and ideas.

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