Tuesday, July 2, 2013

baby food - 6 months old

Month 2 of starting vegetables and fruits!

This month we started bananas. I thought kids love bananas, but to my surprise, he didn't! He made this sour face like "what on earth are you giving me mama?!" lol Later, I learned that mixing avocado with banana will work when kids don't eat bananas, so I tried. It worked. It had an interesting taste to me, like melon cream? But he liked it. That all matters.

But he got constipated (bananas are known for causing constipation), so I didn't give him bananas any longer. I don't think it's necessary at this stage anyway.

We've also started barley tea (mugicha) this month. At this stage, I was instructed to give him some other fluid than breastmilk or formula. Little J, however, didn't take water as much as I'd like probably because it doesn't have much taste. I don't want to give him juice yet because I think juice contains too much sugar. I was wondering what would be a good alternative to water....

Then I remember. My twitter mommy friends back in Japan give their little ones barley tea! Barley tea does have some flavor (like roasted taste, which I love) and doesn't have sugar or caffeine. That would be perfect. I had a stock of barley tea bags at hand so I made a pot of it. I poured some into his newly introduced straw mug, thinned it down with water (about 1:1) and to my relief, he drank it more than water!

And now that he mastered drinking from a straw, he loves gulping his tea :)

Next month, we're going to try tofu (yay!), carrots, peaches, green beans and potatoes. I hope he'd love his veggies and tofu. He's a tofu loving veggie mom's son, he's gotta love tofu!

ps. Needless to say if you thought barley tea is a good idea too and are thinking about giving it to your little one, please make sure with your pediatrician first :)

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