Saturday, March 15, 2014

Baby girl card and Birthday card

I actually made this card a couple of months ago. A good friend of mine from high school had her second baby girl and I included this card in the gift package I sent her. At first I was thinking of a completely different design. I usually draw a very simple draft on a piece of paper to sort out what kind of cards I want to make (which probably is only readable by me haha). My first draft shows that I was thinking of an image where there's laundry hanging under those heart-shaped rain drops.

However, when I was searching for a pattern paper that would fit for this design, these duckies caught my eyes and I couldn't resist! So I scrapped my initial design and this is how it ended up. I even had to change the color scheme. This particular friend loves girly things and her baby is a girl so I wanted to use pink or red. But neither of the colors didn't look cute with these duckies so I chose this lime green paper as a background. 

I love the planning stage of my card making process, but sometimes it's nice to see a surprise result, especially if it is cute like this. 
I used this Friskars cloud squeeze punch for the clouds. I love this punch. It's so versatile. I actually used it to make my valentine's card I wrote about the other day too. "X-Large" is a bit misleading imho, though.

The second card I show you today is a birthday card.
I definitely wanted to use flower prints for this card. Among a few I had, I picked this one because I liked its vintage and feminine feeling. I paired dark brown card stock with it and finished with the mint color band and pearly stickers. I love the light blue/mint and brown color combo.

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