Saturday, March 2, 2013

Start anew and crochet cat blanket

Hi everybody!

I'm back to blogging after a a little bit more than a year of taking a break. I used to blog elsewhere and I missed blogging a lot. Now I'm back and my etsy shop is also re-opened and revamped (I was on a maternity leave), I thought I'd start a new blog as well. I'll bring back some old contents like free crochet patterns and tutorials here but this blog mainly focuses on my craft life and motherhood with a vegetarian (vegan) flair. I hope you'll enjoy this journey with me.

For today's post, I'd like to introduce my crochet cat blanket pattern.
This is a special blanket I designed for our cat Mochi (who has, by the way, her own blog the adventures of Mochi). She is such a sweet kitty and loves watching outside and lounging around with us. I wanted to give her comfortable spaces for her to enjoy the views from the window and to be near us (and to protect our furniture) so made these. As it turns out, she loves her blankies!
Excitingly, this blanket was featured in Catster last June and one lucky winner has won one of these blankets. Since then I have some inquiries for the pattern for this blanket. I have been debating (since patterns are sadly more easily to be "stolen"), but why not. I'd be honored if many more kitties can get their comfortable treats than one person can make and sell them for.

Take a look at these kitties on my blankets.

Aren't they precious.

If you crochet and are interested in purchasing this pattern, please go to my etsy shop. It is $5.5. 15% of the sales from this pattern will be donated to Santa Paws Drive (or a similar charity to help unfortunate kitties) this year's holiday season.

And now the pattern is also available on Ravelry!

And when you've made a blanket from this pattern, we'd be happy if you could share a photo of your kitty with the blanket on FB (or send via etsy convo so we can share it on FB)!

Of course I'm accepting custom orders for the final products also. Please let me know if interested.
another customer photo


  1. I can't crochet and I don't have cats, but this is such a great idea :)

    1. Thank you! Cats seem to agree with you :)