Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adventures in Tunisian Crochet

There seem to have been a lot of talk about Tunisian Crochet lately. I've been wanting to try this "knit-like stitches but actually crochet" technique quite some time, but finally had a chance to try it out the other day.

And it was quite fun! It's refreshing and interesting to just pick up stitches across without taking them off the hook. Then, instead of turning, the stitches were taken off the hook to go back to the first stitch. Intriguing isn't it?

This process makes these stitches
My first attempt at Tunisian crochet. How did I do?
I found Tunisian purl stitches were a bit hard to keep even tension, but other stitches were rather easy to learn.

I used Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the Ease of Crochetingas reference. I was lucky to find the kindle version of this book for free (yay!), but I think it's worth buying as well. The instructions for the Tunisian crochet were easy to follow if you already do regular crochet. There are a few patterns that I'd like to make like Honeycomb skirt and Ivory shell sweater. The vest can be re-sized to fit my little one. And there's also a simple sweater for children so I might make this for my little one, too.

I had some difficulties, though, in finding afghan hooks. I went all three major craft stores but only Hobby Lobby carried them. Even there, I could only find 3-4 sizes. Some patterns I'd like to use require the sizes I can't find! Where did you buy your afghan hooks?

I also bought the latest Tunisian crochet book, The New Tunisian Crochet: Contemporary Designs from Time-Honored Traditions. The book has so many beautiful patterns. I can't wait to read through and actually make something from it!

One day, I'm hoping that I can design something using these amazing stitches....

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