Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Happy 4th birthday - Dora and Diego party

Little Guy turned 4 just the other day! Past years had a Sesame Street Party (2nd), a Thomas & Friends Party (3rd) and this year we decided to have a Dora and Diego party (they are his current favorites as written in this post). I found lots of inspirations on Pinterest, such as the "Swiper No Swiping" sign (to which I added Swiper's picture myself) and the favor bags that looked like Rescue Pack. I originally planned to make Backpack favor bags for the girls and Rescue Pack for the boys but unfortunately I couldn't find orange bags that were the right size. I used this template for the favor bags. Instead of printing in colored paper, though, I had Little Guy color the eyebrows and the mouth, adding a little personal touch from the birthday boy. The colors were not perfect but I liked it better. It turned out to be a really good idea to have him on board to prepare for the party. We had a lot of fun together and Little Guy seemed to have gotten more excited about his upcoming party. One thing I couldn't make it work was this idea where you draw eyes and a mouth on a cheese stick to make it look like the map. I couldn't find a pen that could write on a cheese stick wrapper. Too bad. It looked really cute on the picture on pinterest. And I used this recipe for the cupcakes, which were frosted with whipped cream with some orange and green sprinkles to match the theme.

The baby jaguar on the table was a present from us, like Diego's best friend :)

I prepared a few activities for the kids, suc as Dora & Diego masks, bubbles, origami paper, Dora & Diego coloring pages. One of these coloring pages, I rolled it and draw eyes and a mouth to make it looke like the map and put it in the favor bag. We also had some toy animals hidden in a room and gave the kids some toy telescopes (like the "spotting cope" that Diego has) to find the animals. But alas they didn't really play with these things, preferring to play with Little Guy's other toys they found in the play room. Oh well, as long as they had fun, that all matters. 

All in all we, both the kids and the parents, had a great time. Little Guy's so pround of being a big boy that he tells everybody he meets that he's four years old now. So cute. 

I compiled more ideas and inspirations for a Dora and/or Diego party on my "birthday party ideas" board on pinterest, some of which I didn't use for our party but still seem like a great idea. Please check it out if you're interested.

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