Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Origami Pikachu And Pokeball Key Chains

Do you play Pokemon GO? I was curious what this hype was and thought I might try it if Little Guy liked it too. To make things more fun, I showed him the first episode of Pokemon and he was immediately charmed by Pikachu. We are not as addicted to the game (I think) but I thought it's a fun thing to do together when we are out and about. And he learned a new concept like "evolve" from this game. Anything is a learning opportunity, right?

So when I came across two craft activities involving Pokemon, I had to try. First we made these Pokeball key chains
Then we made origami Pikachu.
Little Guy loved these so much we made several more the next day. We actually like to play a game with these: we place Pikachu on the floor or a table and throw a pokeball at him to see if we can knock him down (or "catch" him like in the mobile game). Both are pretty easy and fun to make and really cute.

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