Saturday, January 30, 2016

What Little Guy Read This Month

I love books. Reading was one of my favorite activities in my childhood (still is but sadly little time to read). I even made myself a little reading nook in a closet for a comfortable, uninterrupted reading time since I shared a room with my brothers. I love that books can teach you many things, cultivate imagination and quite literally take you anywhere you'd like to go. One thing I definitely would like my son to take after me would be the love of reading (hopefully in both of his languages!), and naturally I enjoy our story time a lot. Luckily Little Guy seems to like reading too :)

So I've decided to share a few books Little Guy read and liked each month here on my blog. I've finally signed up for Goodreads and share the rest of the books he read, some of which he liked and some didn't so much. So please check those out too. I hope one of those books will turn out to be your favorite.

OK, without further ado, here are some of the books we enjoyed this month in no particular order. 

This is such a cute and funny book. As you can imagine it's based on the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story but the main girl in this book is a Chinese girl celebrating Chinese New Year, and the three bears are, naturally, pandas. I like that after making a mess at the panda family's house, Goldy regretted that she ran off and actually went back to their house to apologize and make amends. It's a feel good story for a new year and you can have a glimpse at how other culture celebrates New Year too. I'd think it's a little lengthy for really small children but for this one Little Guy didn't mind it at all. 

Snowmen at night by Caralyn Buehner

A little boy sees the snowman he built looked a bit "off" the next morning, and wonders what the snowman was doing all night. It turns out the snowmen around the neighborhood gathered together and had a lot of fun, like snowball fights, playing baseball etc. This is such a cute way to look at a sad part of making a snowman. Instead of feeling bad about it melting, children can imagine all kinds of activities the snowmen did and that is why they look a little different the next morning. When it was time to return this book to the library, Little Guy actually cried :(

 Hansel and Diesel by David Gordon

This is another one of those stories that's based on a fairy tale. I got this one out from the library because Little Guy likes the trucks and Diesel in Thomas & friends, and he liked the story a lot. The storyline is pretty much the same as Hansel and Gretel but instead of being abandoned in the woods, the brother and the sister decided to go find fuel on their own for the family, came across a fancy gas station and met the wicked winch. It's a funny adaptation of a fairy tale.

You're a Crab! A Moody Day Book by Jenny Whitehead

Last but not least, this is my current favorite :) The book illustrates different emotions comparing to sea animals, for example, crabby crab, silly jellyfish, mean shark, and mopey manatee. The best part I like is that when a child just feels like left alone, they can be a hermit crab and Mom will be one too and stay by their side until they feel better. When Little Guy feels a bit moody, we make a silly puffy fish face or do the octopus hug like in the book, which helps us a lot. Being able to learn names of sea animals is a plus too. The only thing I'd have to say about this book is, because the crab looks scary in the cover picture, Little Guy initially thought this was a scary monster type of book and took a lot of my effort to convince him to read it.

Please also check my goodreads page and Little Guy's "bookshelf" to find more books we read. Thanks.

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