Monday, March 2, 2015

Color Matching Parking Activity Mat

I saw this color matching car mat on Pinterest and I had to try it. Little Guy loves cars and has recently started to get really interested in the color names (like he has to point out the color of every item he sees at a grocery store). So I thought it'd be a great time to try this activity, and happily I was right. And we made it even more fun by making it together (which is why the parking spaces are not neatly lined up).

It's kind of self-explanatory but I used one piece of 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper as a base. I had a piece of map patterned paper so I used it to make streets between the parking spaces (now my paper stash has finally started to pay off lol). I chose a various colors of cardstock according to the colors of the cars Little Guy had and cut into smaller pieces. I think it was 1.5" x 3.5" but don't remember exactly. I put glue on the back of each piece and handed it to Little Guy so he could place it on the base paper. I just felt so thrilled that now we could create something together :)

Little Guy didn't know what this was at first. So I "drove" one of his cars saying "I'm green, where can I park?" and parked in one of the green spaces. After several times, he started to point to the correct color spot. Now he loves it and sometimes even plays this game on his own :)
I'm thinking that when he gets bored with color matching, I'm going to write numbers on the parking spaces to make it a number matching game too. We'll see.

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