Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baby food - 7 month old

We've introduced many new foods this month. Some LO loves, some he doesn't :( Here are the summary of the foods he tried this month.

Oatmeal cereal

LO didn't like it at first - probably because it's bland? - but he likes it when it's mixed with fruit. Phew. I really wanted him to like this cause rice cereal seems to have a constipating effect on him. Oatmeal cereal became a staple for his breakfast. We love Earth's Best Organic Oatmeal Cereal!


He didn't seem to enjoy it at first :( He should've been used to the taste of soy from soy based formula, though. I thought, perhaps it was the texture he didn't like because I gave him pureed firm tofu (I couldn't find silken tofu at that time), which was drier and less smooth than silken tofu.

And I was right! I found silken tofu at a different store, pureed it and gave it to him, and this time he loved it :) I'm glad because tofu will become one of the important protein foods if I'm going to feed him vegetarian meals.

I usually microwave tofu for a minute or two, and process it in my baby bullet. At the time of this writing - the age of 8 month - I just mash it with a fork instead of making it really smooth.

Carrots, peach, daikon radish

He loves them all :) Daikon radish becomes sweet when steamed for 15-20 minutes, which makes a fun baby food IMHO. It's a staple baby food (and beyond) in Japan.


LO liked it at first, but after a few sittings, he started to show dislikes to it. Now he doesn't eat it at all even if mixed with rice or other vegetables :(


However, he likes kale! I thought kale would taste more bitter and he'd prefer spinach to kale but the reverse was true for him. Maybe because I ate a lot of kale (but not spinach because there were some food poisoning incidents) during my pregnancy?

I was teased that our baby loves tofu and kale - yup, it sounds like my son! lol

By the way, we took him for his first swimming the other day.
Isn't this adorable?

oh and huggies swim diapers are awesome!

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