Friday, June 8, 2012

attack Panda!!

or a hug?


  1. awwwww <3 Mochi is one cute cat!

    1. thanks, Cara! She's one mischief cat too but that makes her cute even more lol

  2. Jun!
    Is it true that you're pregnant (just saw your twitter update or did I get anything wrong)?
    This is so great and amazing and I wish you all the best in the world! Congratulations!

    1. yes, I am!! we've been waiting for this baby for quite a while, so we're truly happy. even morning sickness didn't bother me too much :)

      I was going to set up some scene so Mochi could tell the news on this blog but you beat me lol anyways, thank you so much for your kind words :)

    2. Oh, I am sorry this was not my intention.
      I think you might still do so, I don't think anyone reads my comments.

      I am glad to hear/read that your pregnancy makes you so happy. I hope you will have wonderful months until the baby arrives and I am sure you will make a great mom. All the best!

    3. oh don't worry, I was just joking with you :) sorry >_<
      actually I'm glad you checked my twitter feed. I was a bit sad about not sharing the news with you now that I stopped the other blog, and I can't read German. I hope you'll continue checking so I can share some updates with you :)

      thanks again! you're so sweet :)

      ps. I just noticed you now follow me on twitter too, right? thanks!!

    4. Unfortunately I am kind of busy at the moment, so I don't manage to write on my English blog, sorry for that. I don't even manage to properly write on my German blog at the moment and writing whole posts in English is kind of difficult, as I am really not that used to speaking nor writing English anymore and I start thinking I lost all my grammar skills.

      Yesterday I finally decided to abandon my twitter refusal and created an account. And you got it right. In fact you were one of the first persons I decided to follow.
      I do not exactly know what to use twitter for by now, but at least I can stay in touch with you and some others. Maybe I will mainly stay kind of a twitter consumer.